Well Begun

You can buy our curated products as well as co-create your own.


We try to buy made-in-UK and locally.  Our plain socks come from Pantherella, probably the world's best fine sock manufacturer. Our hats are knitted by Jack Masters. Both these factories are only a couple of miles away from our workshop in Wigston. Our muslins are organic cotton, manufactured by a co-operative in south India. Our tee shirts and sweat shirts also are organic cotton and made in South India, made in a renewably-powered factory accredited by the Fair Wear Foundation.


We print our products on demand, which avoids making unnecessary products which people might not want and might end up as scrap. This means our delivery lead time is about 2 weeks



Due to the different substrates between cotton and wool we cannot guarantee that the colour will be exact from one pair of socks to another, although we do use the same print files. E.g. if you order a woollen scarf and customise a pair of cotton socks with the same design, the end colour would vary.